Artist Statement

Artist Statement & Biography

Art is the window to the creative soul.  It makes us think; it makes us feel; it makes us respond; whether it be positive or negative.  Each viewer sees the image in her/his own way, bringing a personal perspective and life-experience to the process.

My initial inspiration to record the world around me through photography was a month-long trip through Greece, Israel & Egypt in 1992.  I enjoy observing cultures different from my own, and being awed by ancient ruins and sites previously glimpsed only in books.  The images I create are both color and black & white, and may incorporate hand-coloring.

The focus of my art is capturing people and natural scenes in a way that honors the uniqueness of each subject.  I aim to share the variety of culture and beauty I have observed in my travels and in my home states of California and Montana.  The goal of my images is to leave the observer with a sense of wonder and a new connection to the surrounding world.

I enjoy the magic of bringing images to life through photography, and the camaraderie and inspiration shared with fellow photographers and artists. 

Exhibits & Memberships

PhotoCentral - Hayward, CA: Annual Women's Workshop - 1999, 2000, 2001; Spring Show - 2000, 2002 - 2013; Award of Excellence 2011


  •  Photo Phantom - Hayward, CA: a member-run group that exhibits together using a variety of photographic styles and imagery, 2001 - 2012

    Hayward Arts Council and A.R.T., Inc. - participating member in exhibits at Green Shutter Gallery, Adobe Gallery, Foothill Gallery, Cinema Place, John O'Lague Galleria, and Hayward Chamber of Commerce; received a merit award and honorable mentions; 2001 - 2012

    Alameda County Fair - Pleasanton, CA: awarded two honorable mentions; 1998 - 2010

    San Francisco Women Artists: originating as "The Sketch Club" in the 1880's, this non-profit group has been encouraging and supporting art created by women for over a century.  A member since 1998, I served as treasurer from 1999 - 2001, and was elected President for two terms from 2004 - 2006.  Received merit awards in several juried shows.

    Ennis Art Association, Montana: a member since 2012, I participated in the annual Madison Valley Arts Festival in 2012 & 2013

    Cattleman Gallery, Ennis, MT: specializing in western art; exhibited photographs in various media (sepia & color on canvas, hand-colored images)  2013